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Grilled meat platter for two

Rump steak, lamb, chicken breast, chorizo. With corn on the cob, grilled vegetables, potato wedges, french fries, garlic bread, tomato salsa, sour cream 

39,99 €
Gourmet Sirlon steak (180 g)

With french fries, braised onions, sauce of your choice and garlic bread

21,99 €
Gourmet Rump steak (180 g)

With french fries, braised onions, sauce of your choice and garlic bread

19,99 €
Lamb steaks (250 g)

With baked potato, sour cream, grilled vegetables, herb butter 

19,99 €
Grilled meat platter (240 g)

Medallions of rump steak, pork and turkey, with coleslaw, french fries and a chili dip

19,99 €
Fillet of salmon (200 g)

Grilled, with long grain and wild rice, mixed salad and sauce of your choice 

17,99 €
Grill pan

Grilled beef strips, grilled vegetables, herb butter and garlic bread

14,99 €
Spare ribs (450 g)

With coleslaw, french fries, barbecue dip 

14,99 €
Pork tenderloin

Three pork fillets (3 x 80 g) with mushroom sauce and french fries

14,99 €
Schnitzel Vienna style (300 g)

Pork escalope with French fries

11,99 €
Stir-fried vegetables with grilled cheese

Halloumi barbecue cheese, paprika, green courgettes, pimientos de Padrón, onions, mushrooms, leeks 

11,99 €
Chicken breast skewers

Grilled, marinated with Chimichurri. Served with french fries 

9,99 €
Surf & Turf

Fillet steak with prawn skewer 180 g 29.99 €

Sirloin steak with prawn skewer 180 g 24.99 €


Each with baked potato and herb butter

Prices and offers may vary depending on our restaurant's location.


A MAREDO Steakhouse meal should be an enjoyment for everyone. If you have to keep a special diet due to an allergy or illness, you will find a suitable meal here.

Allergens in our meals at a glance:

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