Preparation of the MAREDO fillet of beef

The fillet is cut from the tenderest muscle meat in the loin which is least in use during the cattle’s motion. As the texture of the fillet is unbelievably tender, it counts as one of the most precious steaks of all.

1 1. Trimming away tendons and silverskin-

Trimming away tendons and silverskin

Fillet of beef trimming away silverskin

Before the prime fillet is cut to portion and grilled, the tendons and the visible silverskin are trimmed away.

2 2. Removing the fillet head-

Removing the fillet head

Fillet of beef Removing the fillet head

Now the fillet head is removed from the main cord. While the middle cord is well suited for steaks, the ends are used for meals, for example as skewers.

3 3. Cutting the fillet to size-

Cutting the fillet to size

Cutting the fillet to size

After ordering your steak, we will cut your steak from a fresh piece of prime beef to the size you desire. In this way the beef will not dry out and will be tender and juicy when it reaches your table.

4 4. Oiling the fillet on one side-

Oiling the fillet on one side

Oiling the fillet on one side

Our grill-staff will oil the fillet of beef on one side. Further oiling is expressly forbidden.

5 5. Placing the fillet on the grill-

Placing the fillet on the grill

Placing the fillet on the grill

The fillet of beef is now put on the hot grill on its oiled side.

6 6. Salting the fillet-

Salting the fillet

Salting the fillet

If the fillet is lying on the grill, the top side is seasoned with salt. In this way the salt seeps deep into the fibres of the fillet; this makes it an amazing enjoyment for your tastebuds.

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