MAREDO steaks come from South American cattle which share a common mark of quality: They were raised in the South American Pampa. Their steaks therefore are among the best ones in the world.

Perfect cattle rearing conditions in Argentina and Uruguay

The Pampa is a region in the South-East of South America. It includes areas in Uruguay and Argentina and has borders along the Rio De La Plata and the Andes. A typical characteristic of the Pampa is its lush grasslands, made possible due to the mild damp climate (average temperature 16°C). It is this grassy meadow, which contains more than 200 different grass and herb varieties, as well as the vast size of the Pampa pasture (each animal is given a grazing area the size of 1 and a half football fields) which offer optimal conditions for the raising of livestock, and thus for first class steaks.

Natural rearing of cattle on the Pampa free range

The animals can stand and graze in the Pampa all year round with temperatures of 20 to 35 degrees. This healthy natural growth of the animals and type of free range farming also makes for less stressed cattle. This is a very important factor when it comes to the flavour of a steak and is one of MAREDOs secrets in flavoursome meat.

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