Meadow Grazing

The raising of cattle on a free-grazing range represents one of the most natural method of rearing cattle breeds. This allows the animals to eat when, where and as long as they want. Through a diet of just grass, cattle attains a much more intensive flavour.

The reason is: When the cattle takes in unsaturated fatty acids and chlorophyll contained within the grasses, the stomach of the animal produces aromatic fibres which give the later steak an unmistakeable flavour composition. Digestion of valuable unsaturated fatty acids is one of the biggest advantages of cattle being fed on grass instead of grain and concentrates.

Foundations for first class steaks: Feeding on natural grasses in the Pampa

“With its warm summers and mild winters, the Pampa meadows offer our cattle optimal year-round weather conditions.  In this way the best cattle in the world can grow in peace and without distress.

Altogether, over 200 different grasses and herbs can be found growing in the Pampa region. The cattle can graze and feed on the plants to their heart’s content on approximately 500,000 km². The nutrition of the MAREDO animals follows strict guidelines and consists solely of herbs and grasses from the natural environment in the South American Pampa.  Year round free range grazing is considered suitable animal welfare. Each individual animal has about 1.5 football fields of grazing territory to itself (1 ha). Ideal requirements for raising cattle!

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