MAREDOs proven steak quality

Proper cattle rearing is vital for raising good livestock and quality in meat. If the animal feels good and does not experience distress, the quality of the final steak product is increased. In order to achieve this, MAREDO uses a comprehensive safety net of tests for the entirety of raising, slaughtering and transportation of the livestock.

State-proven abattoirs in South America

Beef is one of Argentina and Uruguay’s most important exports. Obviously there is no room for error and here there are even more thorough quality control checks for cattle raising. The certified rearing and abattoir stations where MAREDO gets its beef from are also subject to these rigorous tests. The state organisations responsible for these are SENASA (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria) and INAC (Instituto Nacional de Carnes). They are spot checks and as well as animal welfare they also include hygiene.

MAREDO Quality manager in Argentina and Uruguay

As well as the rigorous state-organised testing, MAREDO employs its own occupational quality control management in South America. These test a large part of the procedure and ensure that it complies with MAREDOs quality control guidelines. This involves regular checking of the PH values in the beef as well as testing of the steak cuts. The hygiene and welfare of the animals are permanently under scrutiny.

Importing steak into the European Union

Only quality meat is allowed inAfter the cutting and the shipping to Europe, the beef is checked again upon entry into the EU-zone. The European guidelines for meat import are among the highest in the world.The European Union has a catalogue of requirements which its member states have to fulfil in order to export beef into Europe. There are high veterinary standards, animal welfare principles and hygiene standards in place as well as a state control system in each individual country. As Argentina and Uruguay meet these specifications and are included on the “white list,” MAREDO can bring beef from these countries into Germany.

Tracing goods back from your table: MAREDOs cattle breeds

Significantly, the whole rearing and shipping process of the meat is traceable all the way back to its origins. In this way the quality can be assured. MAREDOs steakhouse customers benefit from this transparency. In each of the restaurants – exceeding 45 in number – there is a list in the cash area with the actual abattoirs and their countries of origin. By this, the client knows at any time what kind of steak is on his plate.



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