Steak types - from Flat Iron to T-Bone

The heart and soul of every steakhouse and its steak types, also called steak cuts The steaks cut from the back parts of the animal are particularly valuable and are therefore called the prime cuts. Examples here are sirloin steak, fillet, rib eye, rump steak and the T-bone steak.

The quality of a steak cut depends on many different factors, beginning with the breed of cattle as well as the rearing and their nourishment. Also the maturing, storage and handling of the meat on the grill are decisive about how the steak will taste.

The types of steak at a glance

Rib-eye steak/Entrecôte

Rib-eye steak has a fat centre, which is called the fat eye. The marbling from the fat centre through the meat makes rib-eye steak especially juicy and gives it its hearty taste.

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Flat Iron

The Flat Iron Steak is strong to the bite and pleasantly tangy in flavour. The meat is also suited for stewing.

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Skirt steak

Skirt steak has a very intensive veining, marbling. This makes the meat especially flavoursome and particularly juicy.

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Flank steak

The wonderfully fine marbling of the meat from the stomach parts which the flank steak is cut from, is especially juicy and taste-intensive.

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Sirloin steak

A characteristic of the sirloin steak is a thin edge of fat. This gives the muscle fat underneath a wonderfully strong flavour. Therefore the sirloin steak is one of the most popular steak cuts, ever.

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As the shoulder muscle in the loin from which the fillet is cut is hardly used by the cattle, the meat is especially tender and is therefore a favourite with steak connoisseurs.

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Rump steak

A very intensive marbling gives the rump steak a strong, nutty and very characteristic flavour.

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Boiled fillet

The thick fat layer of the upper hip gives the meat below a very aromatic and intense flavour.

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The Tri-tip

The succulence as well as the tenderness of this meat makes the Tri-tip one of the most precious steaks you can imagine.

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The mere size of it is imposing: The typical size for a T-bone steak is between 600g to 800g. The T-bone steak consists of two steaks rolled into one. It has a fillet part and a roast beef part. The latter is usually the bigger.

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