Steak types: Skirt steak

Which part of the beef does this piece of meat come from?
The skirt steak is cut from the lower plate of the animal.

What is special to the skirt steak?
The skirt steak has a very intensive veining or marbling. This makes the meat especially flavoursome and particularly juicy.

Where did the skirt steak get its name from?
To skirt means “to encircle, to border”. The skirt steak encircles the plate and the flank of the beef, this is where the name should come from. Steak enthusiasts also consider “skirt” as a kind of apron worn over the “breast” of the body of the animal.

Skirt Steak Flank Steak Flat Iron Rib-Eye/Entrecôte Bürgermeisterstück Hüftsteak Filet Tafelspitz Rumpsteak T-Bone T-Bone Hüftsteak Tafelspitz Filet Bürgermeisterstück Flank Steak Skirt Steak Flat Iron Rib-Eye/Entrecôte Rumpsteak
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